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We love dogs but for safety reasons we DO NOT ALLOW PETS at the airport. We also love kids. But, if you bring Children they must be under Direct Adult Supervision at all times.

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Discount Tandem Sky Diving Prices

$349 Regular price tandem skydive.

Special Group price for two or more people: $299 each.  Call Now to Book: (305) 230-4769

Our Skydive South Beach pickup location is inside the Taste Bakery Café at 900 Alton Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139.  We have rides to the airport from this location every day by reservation.  Also, every tandem skydive includes a free breakfast or lunch from the Taste Bakery Café while you wait for your pickup.  Then, on your ride to the airport you will have the opportunity to watch the pre-jump videos and ask questions about your skydive and take advantage of priority scheduling for the aircraft.  And, most importantly, your tandem skydive will come with amazing views of Miami, South Beach and all the South Florida Coastline.

Video and Photo Pricing

  • RVT Video $99 with Credit Card
  • RVT Video $89 Cash ($10 discount)
  • Sky Dive Photo: $99 with Credit Card
  • Sky Dive Photo: $89 Cash ($10 discount)

We offer Military and Student Discounts on video and photo purchases.

Other Specials

Priority Jumper Upgrade: $100.  Don't wait to jump!
We save a certain number of Priority Jumper spots for each class time. When you arrive, you will have a quick-service check in. Your package includes the following:

  • Free t-shirt (or t-shirt upgrade, $30 value)       
  • Nice cold bottle of H2O
  • Coupon for $10 off your video ($10 value)
  • Priority Check-in (Priceless)
  • Guaranteed on 1st flight of your time spot (Priceless)

This is a package for faster service at check-in and to get on the first flight of your time-spot along with receiving the other merchandise. It does not buy you a better service with the instructors you hire or on the jump in general. The instructors give the same amazing personalized service to everyone!

Reservation Costs & Booking Policy

  • $50 reservation deposit, which is refundable if you cancel more than 48 hours before your sky dive lesson
  • $9 non-refundable booking fee

1. Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation/rescheduling policy: Our no-pressure customer service policy allows you to cancel or reschedule your jump if you notify us at least 48 hours prior to your jump time. Your $50 deposit is refundable or transferable with at least 48 hours notice. We appreciate getting as much notice as possible if changes to your jump time are needed, so that our tandem instructors can more efficiently plan their day.
  • Canceling or rescheduling within the 48 hour window forfeits your deposit. This is necessary because we incur unrecoverable expenses when you cancel or reschedule within 48 hours of your jump time.
  • You may pay for your skydive at the airport with cash (or equivalent), Visa, or MasterCard; or pay in full when you make your reservation.

2. Your Skydive Reservation

  • Call (305) 230-4769 to book your reservation.
  • Your reservation will be secured with a $9 per person booking fee and $50 deposit.
  • Book your reservation in advance to secure your spot.
  • The booking fee of $9 is a one-time charge, transferable if you choose to change your reservation time. It is non-refundable.
  • The sky diving weight limit is 240 pounds, but call to inquire if you are over 240. 
  • There is an extra charge if you are over 200 pounds.
  • You must be 18 years old to jump.
  • If you would like to tip your skydiving instructor, standard tips are around $20-$30. Tipping your instructor is optional. 

3. Call (305) 230-4769 to Make Your Sky Diving Reservation Now

  • Secure reservations are made by calling our reservation specialists.
  • We accept VISA or MasterCard.

We look forward to taking you on an thrilling adventure where you will see an amazing skyline view at 120 mph!

Ready for the jump? Call today at (305) 230-4769

Discount Sky Diving

We offer the best sky diving prices in Miami and South Florida. A great price? Yes. But we won't ever compromise on Safety or Fun!! Book Today!

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