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With over 6,800 jumps, Demian who started jumping in 1996, averages about 1,000 to 1,250 jumps per year. He has  jumped in the USA, Canada, Netherlands, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, South Africa, Israel, Thailand and Australia! His favorite is the Thai Sky Festival at Parchup Air Force Base in Thailand.

Demian is experienced in a variety of skydive disciplines, and has been on a 25-person freeflying jump. His record number of jumps in 1 day is 22!

When not working, Demian enjoys "living and learning" with his 6 year old son, which includes swimming, biking and checking out the latest movies. He also enjoys traveling, writing fiction and meeting people at the lounges around South Beach. He likes shoreline strolls and patio dining near Black Point Marina, cold beers and good grill from Keg South, and poolside happy hour - complete with hip local fusion bands - at Monty's.

"After the jump, people are happy, excited, and feeling adventurous", which is why Demian likes instructing so much. And he knows that this Drop Zone is a great place to jump because the team is friendly and fun; and the views are dynamite and diverse: "Ocean, Jungle, Islands and Everglades...knocks my socks off every time!"

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