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A Tandem Master, Angelo averages about 800 jumps a year, jumping as much as 19 times in a day. After his first jump in 2008, he got involved in the skydiving world and his passion for the sport grew from that.

In addition to jumping at our Miami DZ (Drop Zone), he has jumped at various locations across the U.S, including Michigan, Virginia, and other DZ around Florida. Angelo had the honor to jump with recognized skydiving teams such as Soul Flyers and the RedBull Skydive Team. His favorite skydiving disciplines include Free Flying and Tracking, with his biggest skydiving formation having been a 22-way tracking dive.

The crazy skydiving world isn't his only interest; he is pretty passionate about music, too. A talented and versatile musician, Angelo plays several instruments, although his primary focus is the drums. He has performed with well recognized artists in the Spanish Market such as Elvis Crespo, Fanny Lu, and Angel & Kris.

Angelo said that "there's no better feeling than being able to share your passion with others. And what other better way than taking people on a tandem, which is the easiest and safest way, letting us take care of all the work. After just a few minutes of training, we go up in the plane and jump into a mind blowing adventure!"

Customers ask Angelo, How does it feel? To which he replies, "You can't describe it, until you do it! After the jump EVERYONE totally agrees."

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